Is the School Management System Helping Teachers in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

A few months ago, thought leaders across the globe were brainstorming about technology, science, edTech, economic progress & growth. Suddenly, a shift happened. A major shift that boils down everything to zero! With the emergence of the deadly pandemic Covid-19, our lives have squeezed in a box.

“Masks, hand wash, hand sanitizers, quarantine, self-isolation, lockdown…”

Be it home, newspapers, news channels, social media, or text messages, everyone is talking the same language; probably most of our day is knitted around these terms. Alongside the global economy, the education model has been stricken by the virus negatively. As per the recent report by UNESCO -

“Over the past 10 days, the number of students affected by school and university closures in 138 countries has nearly quadrupled to 1.37 billion, representing more than 3 out of 4 children and youth worldwide. In addition, nearly 60.2 million teachers are no longer in the classroom.”

These numbers are quite threatening! Corona Virus literally appeared like a bolt from the blue & changed the entire world upside down. The role & responsibilities of educational institutions, especially schools have a major role to play due to the lockdown situation. As an educator or K12 faculty, it’s obvious to feel pressured. To help you minimize the adverse effects of the Covid-19 & advance to the direction of productivity, I am jotting down how educators are using a school management ERP. You too can follow similar steps & save your institution from getting caught in the situation.

A. Online Admission Helping Continue Learning Process

A) Students — apply for admissions online, pay registration fees via e-payment portals, receive notifications about shortlisting, and track final admission status.

B) Faculty — Receive admission applications online, get registration payments directly in the bank account interlinked with the institution, shortlist meritorious candidates, decide final candidates for admission & receive school fees payment online via secured payment gateways.

Absolutely no worries about visiting another city, country, or the nearby area!

B. E-learning Unlocking Doors to Education

C. Communication Tools for Better Parental Involvement

“That text message regarding school closure was false! Schools will conduct online classes” — Read another text from the same friend that I received after 4 hours. I learned a great lesson from this incident that word of mouth & rumors travels faster than the speed of light during unfortunate circumstances. We are so blindfolded by the panic that we often believe most of the rumors & start acting upon it subconsciously.

So, this brings me to the next point — Communication!

Yes! There will be many parents like me who may succumb to fake news. To curtail such possibilities, schools have to have a strong communication system via which they can reach out to parents & students every now & then. Plus, maintaining healthy communication would also foster greater teacher-student-parents engagement.

How to Get Started?

Here are the three easy steps that will help your school to get started with the remote learning process.

1) School Management ERP Software

Implementing a Cloud-based School Management System for School integrated with e-learning modules is the basic step. Speak to a trustworthy educational ERP vendor to understand the process of remote learning software.

2) Internet Connection for Continuous Remote Access

Ensure strong internet connectivity to arrange & conduct online teaching classes successfully & improve student retention.

3) Daily Schedule

Prepare a daily e-school timetable to ensure that distance learning syllabus & curriculum gets complete successfully at a specified time.

For any queries or doubts, you can read out my other school ERP software related blogs or directly write to me in the comment section.

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